About Connected Affinity Networks

Did you know 80% of Black collegiate alumni attended a predominantly white institution? Black students are admitted with varying degrees of acceptance in the campus environment, often having to create their own support systems. Our founder did just that.

Leticia Stallworth was a first-generation college student when she enrolled at Babson College. Noticing the inconsistent enrollment of Black students coupled with Black alumni’s reluctance to re-engage with the college post-graduation, she sought to create a community Black students could thrive in. Hence, the informal beginning of the Babson Black Affinity Network (BAN). Today, more than twenty years, the
organization has aided in increasing Black undergraduate and graduate enrollment tenfold, re-engaged hundreds of Black alumni to provide mentoring, networking, and other professional development opportunities. In the 4 years we were partnered with Babson College, we increased Black alumni giving from 5% to 35%

Now formally under the 501(c)3 Connected Affinity Networks, BAN continues to build community on campus and in metro ecosystems around the country. From our annual BAN Family Reunions to our Leadership Retreats, BAN is a consistent support system comprised of Babson College undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, staff, parents, and other supporters.

We understand that eradicating the racial wealth gap will take more than graduating Black students. It necessitates creating belonging by providing awareness, access, and professional development for our BAN community to meet opportunities as they arise. We invite you to join us.