We amplify equity and social justice through economic empowerment in schools, in workplaces, and in communities. We build ecosystems to provide more awareness, access, and professional development training with an ultimate goal of eradicating the racial wealth gap by 2070.

Economic Empowerment Builds Thriving Communities

More than 50 years after the start of the Civil Rights Movement, huge racial gaps still exist in education, healthcare, income, opportunities, and wealth. Where does one start? The issues are correlated, so the solutions should be connected.

Consider the Boston Globe’s 2017 week-long series on Boston, Race, Image, and Reality as a study for what we saw revealed across the country in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For inner-city youth, the odds were already stacked against them. Even making it to and surviving college wouldn’t erase the economic and social justice disparities. More attention needs to be paid to economic empowerment that not only nourishes the whole body but substantially impacts the eradication of the racial wealth gap. Our flagship Black Affinity Network ecosystem is doing just that. Post pandemic, it is incumbent on us to be more vigilant in removing the barriers to entry, success, and sustainability.

Connected Affinity Networks

Let Connected Affinity Networks expand your capacity to grow diverse talent pipelines and organizations. Our Black Affinity Network framework can be used in colleges and corporations to help you build a sustainable culture of inclusion.